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Set of 3 Kalima 2nd 'Shahadat' - Islamic Kufic Metal Wall Art Decor

Set of 3 Kalima 2nd 'Shahadat' - Islamic Kufic Metal Wall Art Decor

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Modern Arabic Carved Metal Wall Art Decor For Living/Bed Rooms
Introducing our remarkable "Ashadu an la ilaha ilallah wa ashadu ana Muhammadan Rasull Allah" Calligraphic Wall Art Set – a collection of three exquisite pieces that beautifully represent the Shahada, the core declaration of faith in Islam.

Each art piece size is 57x18cm the overall size is a set recommendation on how to space the art pieces. But depending on the wall space you have, the art piece can have more or less space without affecting the overall look of the artwork.

Each piece in this set is crafted with meticulous attention to Arabic calligraphy, elegantly presenting the full Shahada: "Ashadu an la ilaha ilallah wa ashadu ana Muhammadan Rasull Allah" (I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah). Every curve and line in these scripts reflects the deep reverence and significance of these sacred words.

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Care Instructions

Preserve the beauty of your Alif Decor masterpiece. Gently dust with a soft cloth to maintain its brilliance. Avoid abrasive cleaners and direct sunlight. Handle with care and cherish the artistry for generations to come.

Take care of your Alif Decor piece. Handle with care, especially around the edges, which may have sharp metal parts.

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Why choose Us?

Our mission at Alif Decor is to offer premium quality metal wall art pieces inspired by Islamic and Arabic calligraphy that enhance our customers' spaces. Unique designs that blend traditional calligraphy with modern aesthetics, and maintain high standards of quality in manufacturing and delivery.