Which modern artists are Islamic?

There are many contemporary artists who identify as Muslim and draw inspiration from their Islamic faith and cultural backgrounds in their artwork. Here are a few modern artists who are known for their connection to Islam and have produced art influenced by their beliefs:

  1. Ahmed Mater: Ahmed Mater is a Saudi artist whose works often explore themes of spirituality and cultural identity. He's known for his contemporary Islamic calligraphy and installations.

  2. Shirin Neshat: Shirin Neshat is an Iranian artist and filmmaker whose works often address issues related to gender, identity, and religion. Her photography and video installations frequently incorporate Persian calligraphy.

  3. Lalla Essaydi: Lalla Essaydi is a Moroccan photographer whose work challenges stereotypes and traditional gender roles in Islamic societies. Her photographs often feature intricate calligraphy on the subjects' bodies.

  4. Hajra Waheed: Hajra Waheed is a Canadian-Pakistani artist known for her multidisciplinary work that explores themes of displacement, migration, and memory. Her art often reflects her experiences and identity as a Muslim woman.

  5. Youssef Nabil: Youssef Nabil is an Egyptian-born artist known for his hand-colored black-and-white photographs. His works often reflect themes of nostalgia, identity, and a sense of longing.

  6. eL Seed: eL Seed is a French-Tunisian street artist famous for his unique style of calligraffiti, which combines calligraphy with graffiti. He often incorporates Arabic calligraphy into his public murals.

  7. Nja Mahdaoui: Nja Mahdaoui is a Tunisian artist renowned for his intricate calligraphic artwork that combines traditional Arabic calligraphy with modern abstract elements.

  8. Shirazeh Houshiary: Shirazeh Houshiary is an Iranian-born British artist whose works often explore themes of spirituality and the intersection of the physical and the spiritual.

It's important to note that artists from Islamic backgrounds can have diverse styles and subject matter in their work. Their islamic art may be deeply rooted in Islamic traditions or may take on a more contemporary and personal approach to explore themes related to their faith and culture.

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